Jochen Rindt - Uncrowned King

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Jochen Rindt - Uncrowned King

Jochen Rindt - Uncrowned King

The Superfast Life of F1's Only Posthumous World Champion

Author: Tremayne. D

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Even today, when motorsport fans speak of car control they mention Jochen Rindt. Bernie Ecclestone believed he was the top talent of his era, Jackie Stewart said he was one of the cleanest drivers he had ever raced against, and he remains the sport's only posthumous World Champion. This investigation of Rindt's mercurial career paints the portrait of a man taken long before he reached his true potential and puts an underwritten character into his real perspective, as one of the greatest Grand Prix drivers of all time.


'David Tremayne's sensitive portrayal of the mercurial Austrian ace one of F1s best ever and its only posthumous world champion - is assuredly among the best driver biogs ever written. To that end, we implore you to read it?'




Publisher: Haynes Publishing

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Number of pages: 336

Colour images: 50

Black & white images: 75

Binding: HDB

Language: English

Origin: UK

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