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1001 Nascar Facts: Cars, Tracks, Milestones and Personalities

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1001 Nascar Facts: Cars, Tracks, Milestones and Personalities

1001 Nascar Facts: Cars, Tracks, Milestones and Personalities

Author: Close J.

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  • 06/2017
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For almost 70 years NASCAR has been the premier sanctioning body for organized stock car racing in the United States. Through the years the sport has grown from a southern, regional series to a global brand with races broadcast in more than 140 countries today. And over the course of those years a lot has happened. When racing starts on the beach in Florida and evolves into the modern super speedways of today, not to mention the development of automotive technology over the last 65 years, you can imagine how much there is to learn and know about the history of this wildly popular sport.

NASCAR author, historian, and former race Spotter John Close presents each intriguing fact as a single paragraph, giving you detailed accounts as to how Hudson dominated the early 1950s or why extra bracing on the windshield was called the "Earnhardt bar." With these facts you will be correcting your friends when they say something erroneous at your next NASCAR party!

Similar to other books in CarTech's 1001 Facts Series, this edition on NASCAR will leave no stone unturned. Covered in depth are 65+ years of the cars, tracks, milestones, and personalities that have made this sport what it is today. With this book you will be racing through the pages and absorbing information that will make you a walking encyclopedia of NASCAR knowledge.

Publisher: Cartech

Status: Current

Number of pages: 416

Colour images: 110

Binding: SBD

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