Performance Mk 1 Ford Escorts 1968-74

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Performance Mk 1 Ford Escorts 1968-74

Performance Mk 1 Ford Escorts 1968-74

Author: Stewart Anderson

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This book tells the exciting story of the development of the legendary performance Ford Escort, which became one of the most successful rally cars of all time. Written in a way that readers can relate to, it covers the road-going cars, the dealership network and the dedicated Ford factory, as well as the illustrious motorsport achievements.

The author discusses the development of Advanced Vehicle Operations (AVO), the design of the twin-cam engine and the production of the RS1600, Mexico and RS2000 models. He also covers the development of Ford motorsport generally and the Rallye Sport dealership network.

At a time when interest in performance Escorts from the 1970s has been never been higher and the when the cars have featured on TV programmes, this book provides all the information required for enthusiasts of 1970s classic Ford Escorts.

Publisher: Amberley Publishing

Status: Current

Number of pages: 96

Binding: SBD

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