Completely Morgan: 4-Wheelers 1968-1994

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Completely Morgan: 4-Wheelers 1968-1994

Completely Morgan: 4-Wheelers 1968-1994

Author: Ken Hill

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For all owners - and would-be owners - of four-wheeled Morgans, this invaluable book is packed with genuinely useful information. Beginning with a detailed look at Morgan's history, Ken Hill then describes the marque's motorsport record, followed by a thorough look at the evolution of all four-cylinder and eight-cylinder models available from 1968 to 1975. Later chapters are devoted to restoration techniques, technical specifications, and information about the Morgan community, so providing an invaluable reference source. See the other books in this series, Completely Morgan - Three-Wheelers, and Completely Morgan - Four-Wheelers 1936-1968, also published by Veloce as part of its Classic Reprint series.

Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Status: Latest Releases

Number of pages: 240

Colour images: 40

Black & white images: 60

Binding: SBD

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