Alfa Romeo V6 Engine High-performance Manual

Alfa Romeo V6 Engine High-performance Manual

Author: Kartalamakis J

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This book follows in the tracks of the author's well-known DOHC tuning manual. The Alfa V6 has been around for nearly three decades, so this comprehensive performance-enhancing guide for the Alfa V6 is long overdue. This book follows in the tracks of Jim Kartalamakis' well-known Alfa DOHC tuning manual. V6 enthusiasts everywhere now have a perfect guide for preserving, improving and modifying these excellent V6 cars. This book is the result of much research and firsthand experience gained through many projects concerning Alfa V6 rear-wheel drive models, from the GTV6 series to the last of the 75 3.0 models. A wealth of completely new information can be found here regarding cylinder head modifications, big-brake modifications, LSD adjustment procedure, suspension mods for road and track, electrical system improvements, flowbench diagrams, dynograph plots and more. This title covers Alfa Romeo 1981-1993 on GTV6 and 75 2.5 and 3.0-litre rear-wheel drive models. It also covers engines of ALL 3-litre Alfa Romeo 164s. With over 150 photographs, comprehensive diagrams and covering the peripheral modifications necessary to deal with the massive increase in power, this book is a must-have for any Alfista.



About the Author

Jim Kartalamakis was born in Salonica, Greece. He went to Toronto, Canada, to study electrical engineering, and at 23 bought his first Alfa, which was where it all started. 30 years later, Jim still fondly remembers the life and times of the ARCC (Alfa Romeo Club of Canada). He returned to Greece in 1979, and ever since has had only one make of car, albeit different models from a 1750 GT through to an Alfetta GTV, a 75 3.0 to, currently, another 75 3.0 and a 1.8 Turbo. For many years Jim was a technical writer for several car magazines, and the official Alfa Romeo technical manual translator in Greece.

Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Status: Current

Number of pages: 144

Colour images: 120

Black & white images: 30

Binding: SBD

Language: English

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