Ford Cars 1945-1964 (2nd Edition)

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Ford Cars 1945-1964 (2nd Edition)

Ford Cars 1945-1964 (2nd Edition)

Author: Earnshaw A

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Starting with the upright Fords of the 1940s, this fully revised and up-dated book (first published in 1996) progresses through the Ford Pilot and some of the memorable developments of the early 1950s. Included in its pages are chapters on the Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac ranges of the larger saloon and estate cars, along with the 100E range of models, such as the Prefect, Popular, Anglia and Squire. It then discusses the advent of the 1960's models, including the Ford Anglia, Consul Classic/Capri, Cortina and the Corsair.

Publisher: 16 Ton Press

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Number of pages: 52

Colour images: 11

Black & white images: 106

Binding: SBD

Language: English

Origin: UK

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