Alfa Romeo - Always With Passion (2nd Edition)

Alfa Romeo - Always With Passion (2nd Edition)

Alfa Romeo - Always With Passion (2nd Edition)

Author: Owen D

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If Alfa fans ever needed confirmation that the Fiat takeover was a lot more than mere badge engineering, then here is the proof. The second edition of this well-recieved book chronicles the wealth of new models launched by the marque since 1986 and the ground-breaking power units that drive them. David Owen provides an authoritative insight into post-war Alfa Romeos, from the 1900 through to the sleek GT coupe available since the end of 2003. The lavishly illustrated text includes driving impressions, buying hints and specifications, together with marque information.



About the Author

David Owen, a former engineer in the aerospace industry, has been writing about the Alfa Romeo marque and individual models for more than 25 years. He has over a dozen books to his credit including Alfa Romeo: Ninety Years of Success on Road and Track. He lives at Chester.

Publisher: Haynes Publishing

Status: Out of Print (No Stock)

Number of pages: 176

Colour images: 170

Binding: HBD

Language: English

Origin: UK

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