Marcos Making My Marque

Marcos Making My Marque

Marcos Making My Marque

Author: J. marsh 01275 875069

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  • 2010
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Every motor racing enthusiast, indeed every car enthusiast, will know about the iconic Marcos marque. The book charts the pre Marcos years including the fascinating 750 Motor Club days and moves on to the 1959 Jem Marsh/Frank Costin meeting which saw the birth of the MARsh/COStin Marcos. When the talented designer Dennis Adams joined the team the future of the Marcos was assured.

The Marcos had a chequered history but produced memorable cars and its story is sprinkled with the names of motor racing greats too numerous to mention. Perhaps a flavour can be gained from noting that the, then unknown, Jackie Stewart raced a Gullwing Marcos in the early'60s. This book should be on every motor enthusiast's bookshelf.

Publisher: To Be Confirmed

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Number of pages: 203

Colour images: 100

Binding: HDB

Language: English

Origin: UK

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