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The Little Book Of Trikes

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The Little Book Of Trikes

The Little Book Of Trikes

Author: Quellin A

  • 9781845842956
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  • 2011
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Motor trikes have been around since the dawn of motoring, with many starting out as utility vehicles or prototypes of cars. But trikes haven't died out or become mere relics of motoring history - companies all over the world still produce them today, and many will convert a motorcycle into a trike. Trikes are not only huge fun, but can also be a lifestyle choice. They are as diverse as the people who ride them, and this book illustrates the vast range of machines available. The reader will discover a plethora of trike designs and layouts from the late 19th century to the present day. Some influential designs include Piaggio's three wheeled vehicles, the Morgan three wheeler, and the Harley-Davidson Servicar. This book also features the products of companies that convert motorcycles into trikes, and shows some mass-produced examples that you can buy today. Then there are the weird and wonderful machines built by individual enthusiasts - a testament to their engineering skills and true eccentricity... Features: * Many original colour photographs * Details of unique and rare trikes * Only recent book published on the subject * Some machines never before seen in print * An easy to read guide with limited jargon, appealing to the enthusiast and the novice alike * Handy size allows reader to take it to a trike show or meet * Caption-led text for a reader friendly format * Vast range of trikes shown to delight and enlighten the reader * Useful facts and figures * A real insight into triking in the twenty first century to inspire the casual inquirer.



About the Author

Adam Quellin grew up in East Anglia and served a three year apprenticeship as a motor mechanic. He later went on to do voluntary work in the UK and overseas. He currently works as a support worker, helping adults with learning disabilities. Classic cars have been a lifelong passion, and Adam is particularly keen on microcars and anything unusual in the motoring world. He has written two books on the subject Microcars at Large! and Little Book of Microcars. Adam enjoys driving his three-wheeled Messerschmitt whenever he gets the chance, and is the editor of the Messerschmitt Owners Club magazine.

Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Status: Sale Item

Number of pages: 96

Colour images: 80

Black & white images: 6

Binding: SBD

Language: English

Origin: USA

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