Caterpillar Earthmovers At Work - A Photo Gallery

Caterpillar Earthmovers At Work - A Photo Gallery

Author: Robertson B

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From building roads through dense forests, mining the earth for raw ore, laying pipe, constructing power developments, to creating golf courses, Caterpillar's earthmoving machines have played an important role in shaping our world. Caterpillar Earthmovers at Work features Caterpillars in action moving massive amounts of rock, dirt, trees and anything else in their path. See these machines used in forestry and logging, road construction, railway construction, hydroelectric power projects, mining and much more. A treat for all heavy equipment fans.

Publisher: 16 Ton Press

Status: Current

Number of pages: 160

Black & white images: 305

Binding: SBD

Language: English

Origin: CHN

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