Mark Donohue - His Life In Photographs

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Mark Donohue - His Life In Photographs

Mark Donohue - His Life In Photographs

Author: Argetsinger M

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In the vibrant, fast-changing American racing scene of the 1960s and 1970s, Mark Donohue redefined what it meant to be a successful driver.Mark Donohue: His Life in Photographs recaptures Donohue's brilliant career through revealing photographs from his childhood, his early amateur-racing days, and his busy and diverse professional life. Many of these pictures were provided by the people who were closest to Donohue: his family, friends, and Penske Racing teammates. The book also offers some of the best work by the top motorsports photographers of the era, who deliver brilliant images of Donohue with a dazzling array of race cars, and intimate shots with his team and fellow drivers. Each photograph is accompanied by detailed, insightful captions and text by Michael Argetsinger, author of the definitive biography, Mark Donohue: Technical Excellence at Speed. Mark's Penske Racing teammates, friends, family, and fellow drivers also offer their recollections and commentary. Together, this combination of words and pictures vividly recounts the life and times of an American racing hero.

Publisher: 16 Ton Press

Status: New Sale Item

Number of pages: 160

Colour images: 50

Black & white images: 100

Binding: HDB

Language: English

Origin: UK

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