Racing At Solitude 1949-1965 The Competition Cars

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Racing At Solitude 1949-1965 The Competition Cars

Racing At Solitude 1949-1965 The Competition Cars

Author: Mehne. T

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Book and slipcase in high quality linen. Limited, numbered edition of 1200 copies.

the author

Solitude in the ring began his passion for motorsports. Already in the years 1961 and 1963 Thomas Mehne went with his parents to the Solitude race in Stuttgart. From 1968 he traveled even then many of the legendary race tracks across Europe.

Ring of Solitude

The auto race at Solitude have a long tradition. The ring was the site of Solitude race of the formulas 1, 2, 3, Junior and Vau. Of race and sports cars, touring cars and Grand Touring.

the preface

Chris Amon has written the introduction. The New Zealander was at Solitude three races with it, winning the last Formula 2 race in 1965.

the text

RACING AT SOLITUDE is a chronological documentation of auto racing in the last epoch of the Solitude race with German, English, French and Italian text.

the pictures

The book offers an overview of racers and racing cars of the 1950s and 60s. The aim of the book project was to document all vehicles from all categories that have participated in the Solitude race. This is nearly succeeded. It is worth mentioning that besides the well-known race car even those were there, which only rarely, in some countries were not even in appearance. Most of the pictures in this book were previously unpublished.

the statistics

Solitude every race has a statistic. This includes the notifications, the starting grids and results of the teams, the racers and race cars

Publisher: Petrolpics

Status: Out of Print (No Stock)

Number of pages: 336

Colour images: 600 colour & Black n White

Binding: HDB

Language: English

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