How To Design, Build & Equip your Automotive Workshop on a Budget

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How To Design, Build & Equip your Automotive Workshop on a Budget

How To Design, Build & Equip your Automotive Workshop on a Budget

Author: Zurschmeide J

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The vast majority of enthusiasts want to spend their money on tools and parts yet need heavier-duty capabilities from their garage. This book does not address garden rake storage, but describes in detail how to set up an organized and functional garage or workshop for professional level work at the lowest possible price. How to Design, Build & Equip Your Automotive Workshop on a Budget provides the necessary information as the hobbyist considers various tools, designs, installations, and products available for their automotive workspace.

Many of the ideas presented for workbenches and storage can be implemented at low cost, or even for free if you're extra resourceful. There are step-by-step instructions for the most essential and practical procedures, including basic electrical wiring sufficient to connect up bank of lights, a compressor, a welder circuit as well as a procedure for routing power from your household electrical service panel and plumbing basic shop fixtures. Most enthusiasts have a limited amount of car space and an even more limited budget, so they must make good use of the space and money available.

This book is designed to help the practical hobbyist mechanic make the most of any available space, balancing looks and functionality, while staying within almost any budget. This book is distinctly automotive. It shows the reader how to build a workshop from the ground up, and equip it with the correct automotive tools. With 144 pages & 347 colour photos. SB.

Publisher: Car Tech Usa

Status: Current

Number of pages: 144

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