European Rallycross Review 1988 (Duke Archive DVD)

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European Rallycross Review 1988 (Duke Archive DVD)

European Rallycross Review 1988 (Duke Archive DVD)

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The 1988 Rallycross season once more provided a year long series of motorsport manic mayham from Spain in April, through monsoons in Holland ending in Germany in October.

The engineering boffins were burning the midnight oil as well as engine oil in their efforts to cram more and more power into every c.c. of their supercars. The great marques were to the fore, Volvo, VW, Saab Ford, Lancia etc.

Videovision in conjunction with TV3 Norway were where the action was to ensure that you don't miss one single moment of ultimate rallycross entertainment.

Highlights from all eleven rounds are condensed into a review packed with thrills, spills, and crashes galore, competitors from all over the world battle for the supremecy on the dirt tracks of Europe.

A spectacle not to be missed!

Publisher: Dreolin Publications Ltd

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