Learning the English Wheel (Wolfgang Publications)

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Learning the English Wheel (Wolfgang Publications)

Learning the English Wheel (Wolfgang Publications)

Author: Longyard W.H.

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  • 2014
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The English wheel is a metalworking tool that enables craftsmen to form complete curves from flat sheets of steel or aluminium, and has been used extensively in both motorbike and car production AC Cobra, Daimler, Lotus, Ferrari, Buggati are just some of the names associated with this process. In these days of mass production panel-beating is the most popular method of producing vehicle chassis and parts, with this hand-operated technique reserved for race cars or restoration and build-your-own. Despite the popularity of the English Wheel, this is the first book that covers how to use it in a thorough, professional manner. From making your own wheel and learning the basics, from fabrication high-crown panels to reverse flares, this is the must-have title for any auto and motorcycle enthusiast who wants to build, modify, restore by hand. Photographs accompany each of the projects, and there is detailed guidance on how, exactly and precisely, to use the wheel, and answer questions that may occur when does a sheet of metal become too cumbersome to use, and what should be done? Is double curvature actually necessary? How big should your wheel be, and how long will a project take? Sidebars and interviews with famous wheelers and fabricators from around the world help to give personal insight, guidance, advice and instruction from the best regarding the best and most productive use of the English wheel, removing the myths surround this, and making this a must-have book for any car, motorcycle, truck, vehicle builder, customizer, restorer.

Publisher: Wolfgang

Status: Out of Print (No Stock)

Number of pages: 144

Colour images: 300

Binding: SBD

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