Cars of the Rootes Group

Cars of the Rootes Group

Cars of the Rootes Group

Author: Robson G

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From the early 1930s until the mid-1970s the Rootes Group was one of Britain's foremost car manufacturers, producing and selling a multitude of models under the Hillman, Humber,Singer, Sunbeam and Sunbeam-Talbot badges. 

Some of these cars have been the subject of individual model histories, but this is the first book to bring the total Rootes model line together in one major reference book. One of Britain's most able car historians, Graham Robson has adopted the style he established with his highly successful book THECARS OF BMC, featuring the eight constituent marques of the British Motor Corporation. 

To describe the background to and formation of the Rootes Group, the position adopted by each of the marque names in the Group's overall marketing strategy, and the manner in which widespread use was made of common components, in producing cars of widely differing character and appeal. He then discusses each of the five marques in turn. Providing individual descriptions of every model produced, backed up by technical specifications and production records.The result is a book of great breadth and absorbing interest, one which will be welcomed by all classic car enthusiasts, but in particular by the many thousands who today own and run one of the cars produced by the Rootes Group, prior to its absorption into the Chrysler Corporation and, subsequently, the Peugeot-Talbot combine. 

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