Small - Block Chevrolet (Stock & High - Performance Rebuilds)

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Small - Block Chevrolet (Stock & High - Performance Rebuilds)

Small - Block Chevrolet (Stock & High - Performance Rebuilds)

Author: Atherton L.& Schreib l.

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"The small-block Chevrolet is easily the most popular V8 engine ever built. It was introduced in 1955, and remained in production until the mid-nineties, powering legendary cars such as the 55-57 Chevys, Camaros, Impalas, Novas, Chevelles and of course, the most popular sports car of all time, the Corvette. Of course, whether restoring or modifying one of these classics, there comes a time when your small-blockChevy needs rebuilding. In this newly updated edition, Small-Block Chevrolet: Stock and High-Performance Rebuilds is a step-by-step Workbench Book that shows you how to rebuild a stock or performance oriented small-block Chevy in your own garage. It includes more than 600 colour photos and easy-to-read text that explains every procedure a professional builder uses to assemble an engine, from crankshaft to carburettor. Detailed sections show how to disassemble a used engine, inspect for signs of damage, select replacement parts, buy machine work, check critical component fit, and much more! Performance mods and upgrades are discussed along the way, so the book meets the needs of all enthusiasts, from restorers to hot rodders. How to Rebuild the Small-Block Chevrolet is a must-have for every small-block Chevy fan. "

Publisher: Cartech

Status: Current

Number of pages: 144

Colour images: 600

Binding: SBD

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