The Golden Days: Thompson Speedway & Raceway

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The Golden Days: Thompson Speedway & Raceway

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The Golden Days: Thompson Speedway & Raceway

Sports and Formula Car Events 1945-1977

Author: Terry O'Neil

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Occasionally a spark of inspiration can become the catalyst for transition. Just such an occasion took place with the construction of Thompson Speedway in 1940, a five-eighth mile banked oval track, dubbed “The Indianapolis of the East.” A road course joined to the oval in 1952 enlarged the track to form the first privately-owned complex where sports car drivers could race safely. It transformed the face of sports car racing in America, and hastened the demise of the dangerous open-road events together with the majority of flat and boring airfield race venues. This two-volume set, illustrated with many previously unseen photographs, traces the history of the raceway during its active years and describes the personalities involved in the changing fortunes of the course until its closure in 1977.


  • Two-volume set with dust jacket and slipcase

  • 240mm x 330mm (portrait format)

  • 760 pages (VOL 1: 352 pages, VOL 2: 408 pages)

  • 1200 images total

  • Signed and Numbered Edition of 500 copies

Publisher: Dalton Watson

Status: Current

Number of pages: 760

Binding: HBD

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