Circuito De Vila Real Velocidade Na Cidade

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Circuito De Vila Real Velocidade Na Cidade

Circuito De Vila Real Velocidade Na Cidade

Author: Eduardo Passos

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The 80-year history of Portugal's oldest Circuit, in which more than 200 car and motorcycle races have been held, is one of the few works in Portuguese that addresses these two aspects of motorsports over many decades.

With a main text divided into six chapters, it reports from the antecedents to the first edition in 1931, to the last one held in 2010, through the different outlines, the organizers, the sponsors, the statistics, including texts by numerous previously published authors. , as well as numerous marginal notes, with the graphic image for each edition, the news of the time, reference to particular situations, in the world, in Portugal and in Vila Real, in the social, sports and especially motor sports aspects.

Also included in this edition are notes about 100 national and foreign pilots, as well as about half a hundred machines that shone on the streets of Vila Real, as well as the most important phrases written about each edition of the circuit and the author's personal notes about those. years.

Publisher: 16 Ton Press

Status: Current

Number of pages: 251

Binding: HBD

Language: Portuguese

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