Bugatti Et Delage - A La Conquete De L'europe

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Bugatti Et Delage - A La Conquete De L'europe

Bugatti Et Delage - A La Conquete De L'europe

Author: Eric Favre

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If the nineteenth Grand Prix of the ACF (and II European Grand Prix), played on August 3, 1924 in Lyon, is recognized to be the fiercest and most exciting opposition between supercharged engines and engines atmospheric is above all the first appearance in competition of the Alfa Romeo P2, the Schmid Grand Prix without valve, the Bugatti type 35 and, in a way, the Delage 2LCV. This book traces the history of the Bugatti and Delage brands in competition, the genesis of the Bugatti type 35 and the Delage 2LCV (with many details, documents and technical specifications), not to mention that of their competitors, the Alfa Romeo , Sunbeam, Fiat, Miller and Schmid.

Through numerous anecdotes, historical stories, and more than 500 documents and vintage photographs (mostly unpublished), immerse yourself in the retrospective and atmosphere of the most formidable motor racing of the inter-war period. . A total immersion in order to understand all the sports and technical issues of the inevitable event of the European motor sporting season, whose final result will not be without consequences for some manufacturers.

Publisher: 16 Ton Press

Status: Latest Releases

Number of pages: 240

Binding: HBD

Language: French

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