Taking The World By Storm

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Taking The World By Storm

Taking The World By Storm

Author: Malcolm Cracknell

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How a British GT team might have taken on some of the world’s major car manufacturers in motorsport’s greatest race.




It’s the start of the 1997 season. Once more, sportscar racing is on the cusp of something new, something different. Change is in the air, and people don’t like change, except Larry Payne. He can cope with change … he can exploit it. He can take the rulebook by the scruff of the neck and shake it. If there’s a loophole, he’ll find it, and drive a car straight through it … his car, the new Laser Strike.

This is a tale of endurance racing – the pinnacle of motorsport. It’s a tough, hard slog, especially for a small, independent team with a tight budget, but the rewards can justify the means. Ryan Smith, race engineer and a wizard with the Jaguar V12, is prepared to put everything on the line for the chance at glory … and he may have to if Laser Strike Racing is to compete in the world’s greatest motor race.

Based around the real-life events of the 65th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours, Smithy recalls the extraordinary dramas that befall Laser Strike Racing as the team and its charismatic owner attempt to take on some of the legendary big-names in sportscar racing – manufacturers who’ve become synonymous with success at Le Mans.


Publisher: 16 Ton Press

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