Formula 1 2019 Technical insights: Preview 2020

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Formula 1 2019 Technical insights: Preview 2020

Formula 1 2019 Technical insights: Preview 2020

Author: Paolo Filisetti

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The cars that disputed the 2019 World Championship are the protagonists of this annual; the first authored by Paolo Filisetti, an authoritative technical commentator and a contributor to leading Italian and international specialist magazines. Through a rich series of colour drawings, the author reveals all the secrets concealed beneath the bodywork of the various cars, while presenting, in parallel, race by race, the principal technical and racing facts and episodes to characterise the Formula 1 season. Aerodynamic configurations - such as the various modifications to the front wings - cockpits and steering wheels, engines, suspension components, brakes, air flows above and below the cars, everything is meticulously described and illustrated in a book indispensable for all those wanting to get beneath the skin of the fascinating world of Formula 1, as well as a useful reference work for specialists.

Publisher: Giorgio Nada Editore

Status: Latest Releases

Number of pages: 192

Binding: HBD

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