Ferrari 250 GTE: The Family Car That Funded

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Ferrari 250 GTE: The Family Car That Funded

Ferrari 250 GTE: The Family Car That Funded

Author: David Wheeler

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First seen as the course car at the 1960 Le Mans 24 hour race, the elegant Ferrari 250 Gran Turismo 2+2 Pininfarina, or GTE as it has become known, was Ferrari&;s first four-seat production car and an outstanding commercial success, underwriting the company&;s racing activity. 

Built upon the same running gear as the iconic Ferrari 250 two-seaters, the GTE continued in production until 1963, by which time 954 examples had been built. Initially popular as a &;gentleman&;s express,&; the car was typically finished in conservative colours which emphasised its stunning lines.But after a few years and several owners they were sadly often neglected and came to be regarded simply as donors upon which to build replicas of other Ferraris.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of enthusiastic owners who have dedicated themselves to maintaining, restoring and preserving these wonderful cars, about half of them still exist today as GTEs, valued for their beauty and history. In researching this definitive history of the model, the author consulted with respected Ferrari historians, enjoying access to their archives. He traveled extensively to view and document more than 125 examples of these cars around the world. The book is published in a limited edition of 750 copies to celebrate the 60th birthday of the three Series of the 250 GTE.

Publisher: Porter Press International

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Number of pages: 432

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