Excess All Areas : British Kit Cars Of The 1970s

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Excess All Areas : British Kit Cars Of The 1970s

Excess All Areas : British Kit Cars Of The 1970s

Author: Richard Heseltine

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The 1970s witnessed the rebirth of the British kit car. It may have been the decade that taste forgot, but it was also a period where nothing was off limits. Would sir or madam like their car with three wheels or six? How about a windscreen that handily doubles as a door? Perchance something more along the lines of an Edwardian ‘horseless carriage’ with no doors at all? Alternatively, maybe a sports car with a roof at waist level, or even a trike made of timber? How about endless permutations of all of these things and more? Excess All Areas – British Kit Cars of the 1970s is a bountifully-illustrated celebration of homemade cars at their best – and worst.

Author Richard Heseltine is a journalist, author and biographer. A former staff member on Classic & Sports Car and Motor Sport, he has written extensively for Octane, Magneto, Classic Cars, Auto Italia, Autosport and Absolute Lotus. Richard has authored books on subjects as diverse as the British specialist sports car industry and coachbuilt Ferraris. He became a published novelist in 2019 with the release of Life Near The Edge.

Publisher: Performance Publishing

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Number of pages: 122

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