Citroen DS Decapotable : Eclipse of The Sun-Goddess

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Citroen DS Decapotable : Eclipse of The Sun-Goddess

Citroen DS Decapotable : Eclipse of The Sun-Goddess

Author: Stuart Ager

  • 9781916903623
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  • 05/2023
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Information From the author The Citroen DS Decapotable was withdrawn from sale in the UK in 1967. In mainland Europe, the same model remained on sale until 1972; yet the DS Safari - the model on which the Decapotable was based - was manufactured until 1975. Why had the production of the Decapotable been halted prematurely? Without a satisfactory answer, I resolved to find out for myself. Little did I expect a story about a car to include topics as diverse as Chaos Theory, Doctor Who, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, the significance of French presidential limousines, Peter Cook, the beginnings of the EEC, Gerry Anderson, Cold War tensions, film censorship, J.G. Ballard, The Beatles, Ralph Nader, North American aggression, French grandeur, British decay, Common Market politicking, industrial rivalry...and Katie Price.

Publisher: Andrew Brodie Engineering Ltd

Status: Latest Releases

Condition: New

Binding: HBD

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