Fast Fords - 50 Years Up Close and Personal with Ford's Finest

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Fast Fords - 50 Years Up Close and Personal with Ford's Finest

Fast Fords - 50 Years Up Close and Personal with Ford's Finest

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Author: Jeremy Walton

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In over 50 years as a renowned motoring journalist and racing driver, Jeremy Walton has driven many, many hundreds of performance cars, but Fords have always been prominent among them and particularly close to his heart. He was on the scene when fast Fords arrived in the early sixties alongside the Blue Oval becoming serious about motorsport. He has tested almost every significant performance derivative ever since, many straight from Ford’s competitions department.

From Cortinas to Capris, Escorts and Sierras, via the epic GT40s to extraordinary Transit Supervans and into the new Millennium with Mondeo, Focus and Fiesta, Walton was there. Presenting his extraordinary expertise and experience in his trade-mark colourful writing style, he puts the reader in the driving seat for a rollercoaster of exciting rides. Any enthusiast who has ever enjoyed a fast Ford will love this entertaining feast of nostalgia.

Content includes:

Populars and Anglias: the ‘Berpop’ club racing special; Harry Potter boosts Anglia’s global fame; future Grand Prix talent within Roger Williamson’s Anglia; World Champion Graham Hill’s speedy Goodwood endurance week.

• Cortinas in all their variety: from the ex-Jim Clark British Saloon Car Championship winner to the author’s later BRM-tuned Cortina Lotus, plus three Uren-modified Savage V6 legends.

• Ford GT40s: driving experiences of two factory-owned examples, a pair of modern tributes and a privately owned example in Gulf colours.

• Supervans: Ford’s three generations of ludicrously fast Transits, variously with GT40 and Cosworth V8 engines.

Publisher: Evro Publishing

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Number of pages: 464

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