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Pontiac Firebird - The Auto-Biography: New 4th Edition (Made in America)

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Pontiac Firebird - The Auto-Biography: New 4th Edition (Made in America)

Pontiac Firebird - The Auto-Biography: New 4th Edition (Made in America)

Author: Marc Cranswick

  • 9781787118041
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  • 2023
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Over a 40-year period the Pontiac Firebird earned a unique place amongst speedy American domestic cars, and what began as just another contender in the pony car race, ended up a true American classic. The Firebird’s tale is a reflection of the development of the mainstream domestic car in the modern era: V8s, turbo V8s, turbo V6s, HO V6s, overhead cam I6s, and even a Super Duty four banger. If there’s a performance avenue to be explored, then the Firebird has been there. Popular in the sales charts, the Firebird has also been high profile both in television and movies, cementing its legendary status in pop culture and beyond. From the go-faster 1960s, gas mileage- and pollution-controlled 1970s, performance renaissance of the 1980s, through to the indifference of the 1990s, the Firebird was always there. This is its story. Close attention is paid to both regular models and high level variants such as Formula and Trans Am, and an appendix featuring model highlights from the Firebird’s 35 year span details the specifications and statistics covering sixteen notable models, from the 19671/2 Firebird 400 Coupé, to the 1999 30th Anniversary Firebird Trans Am Convertible. Revealing all aspects of the Firebird story, from social, to economic and beyond, Cranswick shows how Pontiac made the Firebird unique.

Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Status: Latest Releases

Number of pages: 208

Binding: HBD

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