Cavallino Number 259 (February 2024 / March 2024)

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Cavallino Number 259 (February 2024 / March 2024)

Cavallino Number 259 (February 2024 / March 2024)

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-Main feature:

An exclusive double interview with Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

We asked Mr. Montezemolo about his years as Ferrari President, an extraordinarily important period (1991 to 2014) in the company’s history. In this interview, the first granted to a car magazine since 2014, the man behind Ferrari’s renaissance as a manufacturer of highly appreciated supercars and as a successful F1 team, shares some memories, behind-the-scenes insights, and personal feelings about the period now

known as the Montezemolo era. For Montezemolo, the Presidency of Ferrari was not his first stint at Maranello, as 20 years earlier he had been appointed, by Enzo Ferrari himself, as General Manager of the Scuderia’s F1 activity. That, too, was a very successful period (1973 to 1977), which we cover in a second, dedicated, interview

-Main feature and cover car:

1962 Ferrari 250 GT “SWB” Coupé Aerodinamico s/n 3615 GT

The “Superamerica” name tends to be associated with 4-liter Ferraris, but actually a 3-liter version was created too, based on the 250 Berlinetta “SWB”. In total, just five units were manufactured, as special cars for studying aerodynamics, each one quite different from the others. They include s/n 3615 GT, a Superamerica styled body paired with a 3-liter engine, originally delivered to the son-in- law of Mrs. Lancia. The car has an intense history, featuring numerous owners, color changes, and the loss and recovery of its original engine. Now, as pictured in this issue, fresh from a painstaking restoration executed by Strada e Corsa in the Netherlands, it will be shown at Palm Beach Cavallino Classic 2024: the same place and same day that this issue of Cavallino, featuring it on the cover, is due to come out.

-Main feature

1998 Ferrari 550 Maranello s/n 111792.

This Giallo Modena 550 Maranello, in perfectly original conditions, was delivered to the USA where it has remained all its (pampered) life. It sports the much loved six-speed manual gearbox and is a pure joy to drive. The 550 Maranello is a model that collectors are appreciating more and more, as its pairs a classic style and not too much in the way of electronics with modern time usability and performances. It has historical importance too, as it marked the Italian two-seater Granturismo concept’s return to a front V12 engine. It is a perfect Q- car, amazing as a daily driver that offers state-of-the-art performance levels on empty roads and light track days. The Driver: cars are meant to be driven, still more if they are Ferraris. This is why, in Cavallino 259, we are launching a new section, called The Driver. In it, we’ll only be covering cars with hefty mileages, to prove that yes, it is possible to drive your Ferrari as much as you want and at the same time, should you wish, also keep them in concours conditions. The 1984 308 GTSi Quattrovalvole featured, s/n 50301, had an amazing 239,000 miles on its clock at the time of the shoot, and still fulfils its main duty of giving its owner pleasure both on roads and on the show fields. Our test drive section looks at one of the most desired and debated contemporary Ferraris: the 296 GTS, which, with its hybrid, V6 Turbo + Electric configuration and targa top, can be considered the “granddaughter” of the Dino 246 in terms of size and driving pleasure. Its total output of 1000 Hp, or more, provides the necessary dynamism. But how easily can you learn to drive it, squeezing the best from both the ICE and the electric unit? Find out by reading our test drive report.


We will be providing full coverage of the Ferrari Finali Mondiali, with reportage direct from the Mugello racetrack and the complete list of the chassis numbers of the Ferraris taking part. And, as always, Cavallino brings you the voices of several editorialists, discussing a variety of topics, as well as a full and updated list of Ferrari market values (also of the latest models), compiled by specialists analyzing the values and market trends of different Ferrari cars.

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