Happy Lucky Days : My Life In Motor Racing Bob Evans

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Happy Lucky Days : My Life In Motor Racing  Bob Evans

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Happy Lucky Days : My Life In Motor Racing Bob Evans

Signed by Bob Evans

Author: Bob Evans

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Forward By Andrew Marriott.

The name Bob Evans will be familiar to any racing fan of the 1970s. He won in almost every

category he competed in, and against stellar opposition. Bob’s F1 career was brief, but must be taken in context. 

Driving for an underfunded BRM team very much in its twilight years and then being called up by Lotus at just the wrong time. In other formulae Bob’s talent was blatantly obvious. 

Nowhere more so than in the unforgettable world of Formula 5000, where he not only tamed the ferocious cars of the era but became European Champion in 1974, beating the likes of Peter Gethin, David Hobbs and Brian Redman.

Happy Lucky Days is an enthralling, intimate and honest account of Bob’s career, with fascinating descriptions of life on the road as a professional racing driver, and of the various wheeling and dealing required to get to the very top of the sport. Bob also pays tribute to the many people who helped his dream become a reality, none more so than his soulmate, Annie, and loyal entrant for many years, Alan McKechnie. Featuring a Foreword by close friend and well-known commentator Andrew Marriott, Happy Lucky Days perfectly captures a fondly remembered period in the sport’s history, written by someone who was at the very heart of the action. “It really is immensely readable, fun and tremendously informative.

You have painted really vivid pictures of how life was in the 1970s. Those passages, I think, are superb. The pen portraits of some of the people you encountered – Alan McKechnie, Colin Chapman, Victor Gauntlett, Aubrey Woods, Robin Hamilton, plus Big Lou – are fantastic!” Doug Nye, BRM Historian.


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