Alfa Romeo - Cars for passion

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Alfa Romeo - Cars for passion

Alfa Romeo - Cars for passion

Author: Walter De Silva

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Not only thanks to a lengthy and charming preface by Walter De Silva, “Alfa Romeo – Automobili per passione” is a new updated edition, not a simple reprint of an out-of-print volume. The renowned Milanese designer introduces the reader to the Alfa of his years (1986/1998), when he was head of the Centro Stile and created fascinating concept cars such as Proteo and Nuvola, together with enormously successful products such as the 156 and the 147, before intentionally abandoning the company, which had become less and less… Milanese from an operational point of view, turning into a “satellite” of the Fiat Group.

The new edition of the book, enriched with unpublished and more extensive photographs, as well as further historical details, illustrates the entire story of Alfa Romeo from its birth in 1910, up to the present day, with its entry into the large Stellantis Group.

It is an exciting account, with a sort of “story within a story” represented by the chapter dedicated to the “Biscione” brand’s participation in all the Mille Miglia that took place between 1927 and ’57. In what is considered the most famous car race in history, Alfa holds the record for the number of victories (11), with an always decisive presence.

The text contains the story of all the models produced by Alfa, both production and racing, including those which remained in prototype status. Ample space is also given to the protagonists who made the Milanese company great but even those few figures (unfortunately crucial) who in some periods took advantage of their power to exploit the brand for political purposes have not been neglected. Alfa was in fact “nationalized” from the post-war period to 1986 and in the last years of this period, it was subject to state conditioning.

The great names of Alfa include enlightened presidents such as Nicola Romeo, founder of the company and creator of a legend that has no equal, as well as the “greats” Ugo Gobbato and Giuseppe Luraghi, who continued a motoring history made of love, commitment and courage.

Other “essential men”, such as Enzo Ferrari (racing driver and later “instigator of ideas” and head of sporting activities) and numerous, unforgettable technicians, are also given prominence: we remember (but the list could be longer) Vittorio Jano, Orazio Satta, Gian Paolo Garcéa, Giuseppe Busso, Rudolf Hruska and Carlo Chiti.

A book dictated by passion as well as respect and admiration for those who created cars that have entered the hearts of enthusiasts.

Publisher: Artioli Editore

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Number of pages: 240

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Language: English / Italian

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