Porsche at Le Mans - The Success Story of Porsche at Le Mans

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Porsche at Le Mans - The Success Story of Porsche at Le Mans

Porsche at Le Mans - The Success Story of Porsche at Le Mans

Author: Wilfried Muller

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A class victory gained by the 356 SL Aluminium Coupé at its very first start in 1951 marked the beginning of one of the great legends of motorsport: Porsche and Le Mans. Since this event, racing cars of the Porsche brand have been at the start every year – it is only Porsche that has been there consistently for seventy-two seasons. The rewards for this enduring relationship, unparalleled in every respect, are numerous records and nineteen triumphant overall victories.

The light, fast Porsches had long been accustomed to class victories when their sensational first overall victory was achieved in 1970 with the legendary 917. The almost unbeatable endurance kings 956 and 962 are also well-remembered. More recently in the hybrid era, the Zuffenhausen-based company struck again with the 919. And what would Le Mans be without the attendance of a whole collection of other Porsche models?


... reports on the first seventy-two years of the history of Porsche and Le Mans. Each race has its own story about what happened and what was the background. Each annual report is rounded off with the results and with interesting photographs, including numerous previously unpublished ones from both the Porsche and the McKlein archives.

Never before have original documents from the Porsche corporate archives been published on such a scale – a treasure trove for anyone who wants to delve deep into the details.

In this collector's edition, limited to just 963 copies per language, the races from 1951 to 2022 are described – including a preview of the brand new Porsche contender, the 963.

Publisher: Mcklein Publishing

Status: Latest Releases

Number of pages: 708

Binding: HBD

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