Rolls-royce Silver Shadow Ultimate Portfolio (soft Back)

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Rolls-royce Silver Shadow Ultimate Portfolio (soft Back)

Rolls-royce Silver Shadow Ultimate Portfolio (soft Back)

Author: Clarke R

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Many people tut-tutted when the new Rolls-Royce was announced in 1965. No chassis, no sweeping wing-lines - just the Palladian radiator and the 61/2 litre V8 from the final Silver Clouds to link it to previous models. Was this the final break with the great tradition? It wasn't, of course, and in time the Silver Shadow and its Bentley T-type cousin became recognised as truly great cars just like their forebears. Style, durability, ride quality, and all the qualities expected of Crewe's products were present in abundance for those who were not too blinkered to see them, and today the Silver Shadow draws as many enthusiastic admirers as other established classics. In one respect, however, the Shadow did break with the past. As a monocoque design, it could not be the basis of the wide variety of custom-built bodyshells which had graced earlier cars from Crewe. James Young bravely built a few two-door derivatives, but these were not sufficiently different from the standard article to attract much custom. It was left to the in house coachbuilders, Mulliner-Park Ward, to come up with an attractive two-door body with more flowing wing lines and to offer it as both fixed-head coupe and convertible. From 1971, this was marketed as the Corniche, a model seen as quite separate from the Silver Shadow. The Shadow was built during a period when Bentley cars were simply rebadged Rolls-Royce models. There were those who wondered whether there was any real point in keeping the Bentley marque alive. Who would have believed in those days that Bentley and Rolls Royce would be owned by different companies and both German at that. Sales were slow of the Bentley-badged models and therefore are a rarer sight today. Reading these reports on the Shadow is a pleasurable experience in itself, but there is no real substitute for ownership of one of these fine cars. Well-kept examples command lower prices than many sports cars of a similar vintage, and represent a sound and enjoyable investment for today's motoring enthusiasts. This is a book of contemporary road and comparison tests, detailed production changes, touring & driver's impressions & history. Models covered: Series I & II, LWB, Bentley T2, Corniche & Silver Wraith II.

Publisher: Brooklands Books

Status: Bought to Order Only

Number of pages: 208

Black & white images: 400

Binding: SBD

Language: English

Origin: HKG

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