Jaguar/daimler Xj40 Essential Buyer's Guide

Jaguar/daimler Xj40 Essential Buyer's GuideClick to enlarge product image
Jaguar/daimler Xj40 Essential Buyer's Guide

Jaguar/daimler Xj40 Essential Buyer's Guide

Author: Crespin P

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The XJ40 had a long development history and underwent sophisticated and thorough testing on several continents. Featuring an array of high-tech features such as a digital dashboard, it drove superbly and won the UK's prestigious 'Car of the Year' award. Most early cars have gone to the crusher by now, and those that remain are be of variable quality. Even the last XJ40s are now 14 years old and can suffer terminal decline. For the careful buyer, however, they represent true bargain luxury cars, provided you buy a good example. This book will help you pick a sound car and avoid the depressing experience of buying a superficially pretty XJ40, which turns out to have serious problems through neglect or wear. It takes you step by step through your initial viewing and a more detailed inspection, where each aspect of the car is given an objective numerical score reflecting its condition, with the total overall score supporting your decision to buy or walk away. Covering all engine and trim versions, here's what to look for, what to avoid, and whether the car is likely to suit your needs, plus relative values and the best places to buy. It also includes full details on back-up organisations and literature. There is no safer way to avoid buying a bad car short of paying for a professional evaluation.



About the Author

This is Peter's fifth Jaguar book, which he writes between medical writing assignments which pay for the cars! He has owned numerous Jaguars and Daimlers, mostly requiring significant work to repair but all eventually delivering their own combination of the Jaguar 'grace, space and pace' combination. Peter currently uses a 1993 XJ12 6.0L version of the XJ40 as his daily driver, and it delivers uncanny smooth power from walking pace to licence-losing speeds. Having inspected many other XJ40s in poor condition, as well as some immaculate examples, he is ideally placed to help you spot the difference and buy a good car.

Publisher: Veloce Publishing

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Language: English

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