Rallying Imprezas

Rallying Imprezas

Rallying Imprezas

Author: Williams D

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Subaru Imprezas are among the most charismatic and successful rally cars ever made. A unique partnership between the innovative Japanese car manufacturer adn the renowned British motorsport company Prodrive has transformed Subaru from an obscure producer or ungainly cars into a performance icon. Enthusiasts worldwide have been won over by the victorious Impreza rally cars, which have spawned a series of must-have road cars. Top rally journalist David Williams analyses the Impreza magic - the cars, drivers, team culture and results.


About the Author

David Williams - author of Richard Burns: Rallying's would-be king - is Editor of the Rallycourse annual and contributes to numerious magazines worldwide. He lives in north London.

Publisher: Haynes Publishing

Status: Out of Print (No Stock)

Number of pages: 144

Colour images: 130

Binding: HBD

Language: English

Origin: UK

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