GT Racer: Season II DVD (197Mins)

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GT Racer: Season II DVD (197Mins)

GT Racer: Season II DVD (197Mins)

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Director Alexander Davidis is fast becoming the go-to guy for motorsports. Somehow he manages to capture the very essence of what it is to be in the driving seat of twelve idiosyncratic race teams battling it out at the world's most punishing circuits with the most beautiful classic cars ever made: Bizzarrinis, Ferraris, Jaguars, Morgans, Mustangs and Cobras race at Le Mans, Nurburgring etc. Once again, GT Racer 2 gives you everything Formula 1 just doesn't manage - the sheer joyous of driving exotic machinery extremely fast against a bunch of like-minded lunatics.

Historic racing has become a worldwide phenomenon - and for good reason. It has everything Formula 1 and Nascar have without the corporate, marketing bullshit. The drivers are amateurs, racing for the thrill of it, the cars are simply stunning, the races are absolutely brutal and the sheer passion/enthusiasm of everybody involved is all over the screen - form driver to pit to paddock - there's no PR or corporate machine to neuter it. In motorsports, classic racing is perhaps the last stronghold of pure passion and director Alexander Davidis does a fantastic job of putting it all together. Little wonder the big boys are starting to come after him.

Never say we don't listen to our audience. For those of you told us the soundtrack sometimes spoils the outstanding recording of the engine, there's now an option to turn off the music.

Filmed in HD, Davidis supervised the encoding process himself to get the very best reproduction. As Octane Magazine pointed out, "this series is superb".

Season 2 includes the 24 hour classic at Le Mans, the 500km Marathon on the Germany’s Nürburgring, France’s grand prix circuit at Magny Cours and probably the toughest classic race in the world, spanning seven days and 3,200km through Mexico, the legendary Carrera Panamericana.

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Status: Out of Print (No Stock)

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