Build Your Own Drone Manual (Haynes Owner's Manual)

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Build Your Own Drone Manual (Haynes Owner's Manual)

Build Your Own Drone Manual (Haynes Owner's Manual)

Author: Elliott A.

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  • 01/2016
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Today, drones are increasingly used for commercial and private enthusiast use, as well as for well-documented military operations. There is now a wide variety of 'ready-to-fly' drones and self-build kits available to suit all pockets and purposes. This extensively illustrated, practical manual takes a brief look at the origins and history of unmanned aircraft and drones, before explaining the various types of drones available today and their applications, along with a comprehensive guide to selecting the best components and equipment to suit a wide range of requirements. Three step-by-step example drone builds are provided - both fixed-wing and rotary-wing - to enable readers to build a bespoke drone to suit their own requirements. There is also a comprehensive guide to learning to fly a drone, with information on legislation and how and where to operate a drone safely. An essential guide for anyone contemplating owning or building a drone.

Publisher: Haynes Publishing

Status: Current

Number of pages: 160

Binding: HDB

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