Scottish Motor Racing and Drivers

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Scottish Motor Racing and Drivers

Scottish Motor Racing and Drivers

One Hundred Years of Scotland's Involvement with Motor Racing

Author: Gauld G

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This book tells the complete story of motor racing in Scotland and the Scots involved in motor racing with numerous anecdotes from the early days. 

Published on November 1 SCOTTISH MOTOR RACING AND DRIVERS has over 190 pages and more than 250 photographs.It contains a biographical section covering around 100 Scots who have triumphed in International racing with feature-length biographies of some of Scotland's best drivers like Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, Ron Flockhart, Innes Ireland, Johnny Dumfries, Allan McNish, David Coulthard and Dario Franchitti. 

Scotland is perhaps not famous for building racing cars but a number of cars have been built and raced by Scots from the 500cc JP Formula 3 cars built by Joe Potts in Bellshill, the various cars built by Ecurie Ecosse and cars such as the Scott Formula 2 car.

Scotland has also probably had more potential new motor racing circuits than many other countries but few ever came into being. However the unseen designs and plans for these circuits feature in this book, along with a rare insight into how motor racing from the 1950s to the 1990s was organised and financed.

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