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British Motorcycles 1945-1965

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British Motorcycles 1945-1965

British Motorcycles 1945-1965

Author: Rinsey Mill

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Following on from his highly popular books British Lorries 1945-65 and British Vans & Pick-Ups 1945-65, Rinsey Mills returns to provide A-Z coverage of British motorcycle manufacturers and their products during the 20 years following World War II.This was a time when the British industry was at the top of its game, exporting all round the world and producing everything from humble ride-to-work two-strokes, to fire-breathing projectiles like the magnificent 1000cc Vincent Black Shadow.Starting with AJS and going on to Wooler, with many great (and not so great) names in between, he gives a brief history of each maker, and supplies detailed coverage of the various models they produced, using the original manufacturers' publicity material for the illustrations.

Publisher: Herridge Books

Status: Current

Number of pages: 600

Binding: HBD

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