Chris Sclater Memories of a Rally Champion (Signed)

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Chris Sclater Memories of a Rally Champion (Signed)

Chris Sclater Memories of a Rally Champion (Signed)

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Author: Chris Sclater with Jonathan Pulleyn

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Chris Sclater's reputation as a quick rally driver emerged in 1968 when he finished 9th overall on his first international rally, the tough Gulf London, driving a borrowed Lotus Cortina. That reputation grew further when he led the 1969 International Scottish Rally before crashing down a mountainside. A phone call from Ford Motor Company resulted in a test session with rallying greats Hannu Mikkola and Roger Clark, and days later driving home a works Escort Twin Cam. In 1971 Chris had won his first international rally and the British Rally Championship. A year later he won a prize drive, the Kleber/Wheelbase scholarship, in a Ford supplied BDA Escort, and works drives with Datsun, Chrysler and Toyota followed. By 1977 Chris was driving for Vauxhall in the new Chevette HS2300 with team mate Pentti Airikkala in the UK, and then in 1978 for GM on European events. The highs and lows of a fascinating career preparing, driving and developing rally cars during the '60s and '70s are detailed here. The book includes a large selection of photographs and valuable contributions from many of Chris's co-drivers, mechanics and friends, as well as a foreword by John Davenport.

Publisher: Chris Sclater

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