Triumph 1300 to Dolomite Sprint

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Triumph 1300 to Dolomite Sprint

Triumph 1300 to Dolomite Sprint

Author: Warrington K.

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This engaging book begins with the history of Triumph, its rescue by the Standard Motor Company and the quest to replace the bestselling Herald with a more modern design, including the strong influence of the Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti. Triumph 1300 to Dolomite Sprint covers the full range of models that succeeded the successful Triumph Herald. Starting with the front-wheel drive 1300 and 1500 models, author Kevin Warrington covers the conversion from front to rear-wheel drive, the introduction of the two-door Toledo and four-door Dolomite range and finishes with the range-topping high performance but fragile Dolomite Sprint.

Including coverage of the Dolomite’s strong sporting history, and with accompanying period and modern colour photographs, this book provides all the information the enthusiast will need about this remarkable range of mid-range Triumph cars.

Publisher: Amberley Publishing

Status: Latest Releases

Number of pages: 96

Colour images: 150

Binding: SBD

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