Le Mans 2018 Yearbook

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Le Mans 2018 Yearbook

Le Mans 2018 Yearbook

Author: Jean-Marc TEISSEDRE / Thibaut VILLEMANT

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Since 1978, the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans, through the same editorial team, proposes to revive the text but especially the image of the race but also its preparations and the fever that seizes the Prefecture of the Sarthe throughout the week before departure.

Each car and their drivers are presented. Preliminary tests to the explosion of joy following the checkered flag through the weighing, the parade of pilots and especially the highlights of each hour, nothing is missing.

For the most passionate, a technical chapter with tables and statistics finishes to complete the whole. And by appealing to recognized photographers, the atmosphere that continues to evolve between late afternoon, night and sunrise in a setting different from that of a traditional circuit is perfectly restored.


Publisher: E.t.a.i.

Status: Current

Number of pages: 280

Binding: HBD

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