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Citroen SM : Accidental Death Of An Icon

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Citroen SM : Accidental Death Of An Icon

Citroen SM : Accidental Death Of An Icon

Author: Stuart Ager

  • 9781527250239
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  • 2020
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Many books have been written about the Citroen SM, detailing its development, documenting its technological excesses but dodging the circumstances of its demise. How could the most advanced car of its generation be abandoned by its maker, barely four years after its introduction? Without a satisfactory answer, i began my own investigation. What I uncovered was not at all what I expected. Some of it made me laugh out loud, some of it made me bury my head in my hands with despair, and some of it i found truly shocking. Above all, it was very different from the accepted version of events.

Publisher: Andrew Brodie Engineering Ltd

Status: Latest Releases

Number of pages: 176

Binding: HBD

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