A Race with Infamy: The Lance Macklin Story

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A Race with Infamy: The Lance Macklin Story

A Race with Infamy: The Lance Macklin Story

Author: Jack Barlow

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A colourful character from the golden age of motorsport, Lance Macklin was living a life of speed, adventure and tragedy, Macklin did things his own way.

On June 11, 1955, Lance Macklin became a central player in motor racing's worst tragedy. Not only did that day at Le Mans scar him forever, but it went on to become his most lasting legacy. Who, many over the years have asked, was that ‘gentleman driver’ in the Healey?

One thing's for sure: he was no amateur. That day overshadowed the remarkable career of one of British racing's leading lights, of a driver who befriended and mentored champions, who was stunningly quick on the track and charming off it.

Featuring a wealth of archival material and new interviews, this book finally tells the fascinating story of one of motorsport's most underrated and misunderstood talents.

  • A unique look inside the life of one of Britain's most fascinating racing drivers

  • Macklin was quick on the track and smoother off it

  • A life lived from British racetracks to New Zealand fish and chip shops.

  • The events of June 11, 1955 would haunt Macklin to the end of his life

  • An entertaining biography with unexpected twists and turns

  • A tale of bravery, friendship, heartbreak and tragedy

  • The crash that changed motorsport history

  • One of the world's quickest drivers, the racing was never enough

  • Adventurer, inventor, ladies' man, racer

  • He could have had it all - but he just didn't care


Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Status: Latest Releases

Number of pages: 216

Binding: HBD

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