FryeWerk 2.0: Concept Vehicle Illustrations

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FryeWerk 2.0: Concept Vehicle Illustrations

FryeWerk 2.0: Concept Vehicle Illustrations

Author: John A Frye

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  • 04/2024
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“Where can your imagination take you?” Veteran artist and vehicle designer John A. Frye answers in wondrous illustrations traversing varied terrain and time periods. Awe-inspiring vehicles, aircraft, and spacecraft speed and soar off the pages, inspiring and challenging artists to write their own rulebooks when designing and envisioning transportation design like never before.

Break away from the familiar motorized vehicles of the modern world by going well beyond what is expected and maximize visual motifs of sleekness and volume in “Chapter 1: Cars.” His spaceships and hovercraft in “Chapter 2: Ships and Flying Craft,” pull cues and details from real world airplanes and cars, and then playfully merge them with motifs of fanciful sci-fi mobility. With

“Chapter 3: Autonomous Racing,” explore what happens when the driver is taken out of the equation in racecars—new forms emerge when the safety, space, and the visibility of a human occupant is no longer a factor. For fans of the largest vehicles on the road, “Chapter 4: Trucks and Big Rigs,” take the most everyday utilitarian vehicles and give them added edge, design, and style. Finally, with “Chapter 5: Other Extraordinary Vehicles,” the artist really flexes his creative muscles with unexpected and futuristic takes and sizes of robots, watercraft, and more.

“Unique ideas and thinking come from removing the burden of deeply logical thinking—shrugging off the shackles of critical realism,” he writes. “Let your creativity loose on a regular basis and think like a kid with the horsepower of professional artistic skill.”

Publisher: Design Studio Press

Status: Latest Releases

Condition: New

Number of pages: 176

Binding: HDB

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