Rolls-royce Silver Cloud/ Bentley S Series Ultimate Portfoli

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Rolls-royce Silver Cloud/ Bentley S Series Ultimate Portfoli

Rolls-royce Silver Cloud/ Bentley S Series Ultimate Portfoli

Author: Clarke R

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When the Silver Cloud and S-type models were introduced in 1955, there was no question in the popular mind whether these cars were or were not the best cars in the world. By the time the last one was built, some 11 years later, the question had been raised not once but several times, and the answer had not always been in favour of Britain’s most famous car manufacturer. This, however, does not reflect on the quality of the Clouds and S-types; rather does it reflect on the speed with which other manufacturers improved their products in the 1950s and 1960s. The Crewe products in fact started with a disadvantage, being designed with a separate chassis and body at a time when monocoque construction was rapidly gaining ground. By the time they were due for replacement (by Crewe’s own first monocoque design), the many advantages of monocoque construction had become known to the public at large, and the Clouds and S-types appeared to be lagging behind lesser manufacturers on the technological front. Unbelievers only needed a brief acquaintance with one of these cars to become converts, however. Indeed, that is still the case, nearly four decades after they ceased production. No matter that some of the technology was outmoded; the fact was that everything worked so superbly well, and went on working without failure for so many thousands of miles. The number of Clouds and S-type Bentleys still around today is eloquent testimony of the sheer quality of these luxurious vehicles. Of course, the days of the truly individual, hand-crafted Rolls-Royce were long gone by the time these cars came on the market. The majority were delivered with standard steel coachwork, which was indeed finished by hand but originated in the dies at Pressed Steel's body-pressing plant. Yet this coachwork was so elegantly styled and so beautifully balanced that even today it does not look out of place - it simply stands out from the crowd, as it always did. And the separate chassis of the Clouds and S-types allowed the specialist coachbuilders to create their magic in the way they always had, for those who were fortunate enough to afford something which would stand out even amongst its peers. This is not the place to discuss the relative merits of the six-cylinder engine in the first series models and the V8 in the second and third series cars, or of the merits or otherwise of the four-headlamp styling on the Silver Cloud III and Bentley S3. Such things are for the individual to decide, and this book provides an excellent way in to the subject. It is one which no enthusiast of these models will want to be without. Models include: Silver Cloud, S-Series, Continental, Limousine, Silver Cloud II, III, S2 & S2LWB.

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